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Patio Makeovers

Your outdoor living space can be your escape from reality by just stepping through a screen door. If your deck needs an upgrade, you can make your paradise happen with some easy tips and tricks and without spending a lot of money, if you don't want to, to make your escape luxurious. Sometimes all it takes is some new lights, a new place to put your feet up, and a little magic to make your dream backyard come true. 

First, if you are searching for a home or moving, and a patio is a must, check to make sure the homes you are looking at already come with a structure of some sort. When looking at sites such as Vancouver homes for sale, you want to see if the deck is finished or needs a lot of work.  A lot of work usually means a lot of money as does building one from scratch. That also means permits and permission to build a deck if that is the case. So, you want to make sure the work that has to be done is minimal and more cosmetic than anything else. 


Once you have your patio foundation, a way to spruce up the area is to lay down a nice outdoor area rug.  This adds a nice design or pop of color that you can coordinate the rest of your deck with, and it is an inexpensive way to change up a space without having to stain or paint the whole thing. Now, if staining or painting is a process you want to pay for or do yourself, those are also ways to change up the appearance of an old patio without building a new one. 


Another way to draw attention to your deck or patio is to build a cute and inviting stone path to help people find the fun. This can be done if the patio is on the ground and even if it is raised. If it is raised, the path can come from the front of the house to steps leading to the backyard. All you need is some mulch, bricks, or stones and you can create your path., You can add some personal touches like garden stakes, lamps, or even glow-in-the-dark rocks. 


If you have a backyard that has some large trees in it, a nice way to get people outside and relaxing is to build a tree bench. You don't have to be handy to handle this project and all you really need is some wood pallets. If you don't want to do the cutting yourself, just know the dimension and take the wood to a local lumberyard and they will most likely cut it for you. You can paint the bench a fun color to pop out against the wood and then add some decorative pillows to invite others to come and sit-a-spell. 


You can add a little nice fountain to spruce up your patio. The calming sound of babbling water can help you relax as you sit in a hammock and read a book, close your eyes, or sip your wine. Whatever your vice, a fountain will not only sound lovely but look cute too. It can also be small enough to be tucked away so that it isn't taking up seating room on the patio.

You can also add some mood-lighting and drape string lights across the patio to give it a starry-feel. there are so many more tips out there such as a fire pit, comply seating, or a portable bar to make your patio even better. Grab inspiration from magazines or even your friend's patio and you will make a backyard oasis sooner than you think


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