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Covid-19 Lockdown Caused Unwanted Weight Gains? Here Are Some Tips & Tricks That Can Help Kickstart Your New Path to A Fitter You!

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the 61% in America that have gained weight during either lockdown, or the pandemic in general. So if you've packed on pounds since life has been on a huge pause, you are certainly not alone. This trend is no surprise, as routines have been disrupted, stress has increased and it's unclear when or if things will ever return to normal. Some people have gained more than 1.5 pounds on average per month during shelter-in-place orders from March through April of 2020, and maybe even longer times of less activities due to things regularly visited being closed still. 


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Why Did People Gain Weight During The Pandemic?

Shelter-in-place orders also correspond with a decrease in daily step counts for one. Not being able to leave your home, go to your usual places, even going to work wasn't an option for some. Many also prodominately stayed at home due to fear of catching the virus. 

During a lockdown, many have turned to high-caloric foods like sweets or pizza to relieve stress and take their minds off of 'the unknown.' Some have eaten more portions than normal out of not having much else to do, and working from home simply allows the kitchen to be just within reach, ALL DAY LONG. 

Thesame way the pandemic has changed our eating habits it has impacted our exercise habits. Anyone who favors going to the gymn, which I now do, have had to face the reality of their gyms being closed. This certainly has lessened or even haulted most workout routines. Some have eventually started getting equipment in their homes with the intentions on working out, but the motivation during these times have been lacking. 

Even if you didn't have much of a active lifestyle before, you'd be surprised at how daily activities of living contribute to your wellbeing. Simply walking from the parkoing lot to your office or taking the children to the park on weekends add up to good health more than one would think. 

You Defenitely Should Cut Yourself A Break

If you are reading this and pinching your love handles, defenitely cut yourself a break. Eating is indeed one of life's pleasures, and this whole pandemic has been so stressful it's understandle that we may have overindulged in some of our favorite comfort foods. 

I am not quite sure if they really considered unintended health consequences of shelter-in-place orders. You didn't really see much readily available programs and services available to encourage people to be mindful of their physical activities and meal consumptions. 

There could be other health consequences associated with a pandemic that can complicate an already risky situation. Being obese or overweight may increase  may increase risk of severe illness if you were to contract the virus, with potentially tripling the risk of hospitalization with this or any illness. 


How Can I Get On The Path to Better Health

Realizing my own unhealthy lifestyle led me to become a online fitness and health coach this year. You can follow my fitness ig @soulalchemyfitness and follow my regular ig @sistersoulalchemy for great inspiration and tips. My niche is working with people who have chronic illnesses as I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and more. Many with chronic illnesses cannot begin to even think of exercising much less regularly working out and obtaining a more active and healthy lifestyle, but it can be done!

Eating smaller, more frequent meals with healthy snacks generally spaced abot three to four hours apart and not skipping meals can help fuel your day, your workouts and keep you well fed. Keep portable snacks handy for when you are too busy to stop and eat, or the choices available otherwise may not be the best for you and your goals. 

Knowing where you are now is a good place to start. has a great BMI calculator  that will not only help you calculate your BMI, it will explain the formulation and give you complete tables of where you are expected to be based upon certain factors. You can also calculate your ideal body weight  but keep in mind, Thw World Healt Organization thinks that people should keep their BMI between 18 and 25. With that, it's said that I at 5'9" should weigh about 135. Well I can tell you that is too thin for my taste. The smallest I have ever been is 145 and it was too thin, much less minus another 10 pounds. 


You should certainly include protein with your meals. It is a energy provider and a bulding tool for muscle which helps tone your body and reduce fat. That can be a difficult task to do so I highly suggest using a calculator or app to keep up. It's recommended to eat a gram of protein per your body weight, so I at 164lbs should eat 164 grams of protein a day. Finding high protein/low fat foods can be a frustrating thing. Here is a weightloss planning tool that can help you determine your daily nutrition needs to reach a certain weight goal. This tool by can also help you understand how many calories you may want to burn in a day and it provides a table that gives you a general idea of what activities for what amount of time burns what amount of calories. 

Be sure to conume a lot of water, our body needs water and you should know how much and aim to reach that goal daily. Water boosts your metabolism while cleaning your body out of wastes. It also aids in regularity by hydrating your coloan for a more easier flow. If your goal is to lose weight and become healthier, you should take advantage of water's many benefits which also include: 

  • Water Is a Hunger Suppressant Sometimes we feel that we are hungry or need a snach when indeed your body is craving more hydration. Try drinking a large glass of water in between meals. You just may be surprised at not only how quickly you fill up, but that your hunger subsides or you end up eating much less. 
  • Water Is a Great Replacement For Calorie-Filled Drinks We may not have considered in the past how many calories and sugar we are actually drinking. Keeping a daily blog of EVERYTHING you eat or drink is essential to meeting your goals. Drinks like sodas and juices or any processed drinks can fill up your daily caloric intake quickly. Learn about macros, how to count and keep up with them. Water has zero calories and is a great replacement for any other beverage. 
  • Keeping Hydrated Helps to Keep Your Body Working Properly When you drink adequate amounts of water daily to keep your body hydrated, you are assisting your body parts in working correctly. This also includes keeping your metabolism running and working correctly.


Gradually Start Lifting Weights and Adding Exercises to your Daily Routine 

Try adding some simple exercises at first like brisk daily walks and yoga to your routine. It is amazing how many more calories you can burn during the day just by walking more. You know the saying, "take the stairs instead." Try parking further away from entrances, even getting a fit watch can motivate you to add more steps and activities to your daily life. It can surprise you how quickly those extra steps add up and how your weight and BMI drop. Even more so with weithlifting. Don't let it sound intimidating, light weightlifting will help you preserve your muscle mass. It will also tone and shape your body and skin as you are shedding the pounds.

Certainly Consider Getting a Tranier

It doesn't have to be me, although I am available to help, but hiring a personal trainer can be essential to meeting your goals. A personal trainer is a professional who is trained to help you meet your goals. They are wise in the ways of the gym and can design a program specific to your BMI and/or fitness goals. Although not everyone fells the need to hire a trainer, if you are serious about improving your BMI and overall health, a trainer is a great option. Sean Bond Fitness @iamseanbondfitness is also another wonderful personal trainer to consider. He is a Male, over 50 years old and very fit considering battling chronic illnesses himself including Sickle Sell Anemia which can be very painful and dibilitating. If he can keep himself in great physical shape just imagine what he can do for you! Check him out, give him a follow on IG. Infact, both of our IG's and you can catch us on youtbe. Subscribe to Sean Bond Fitness on youtube, and I am Soul Alchemy on youtube. I also provide some of my other social media links below and on my main website here. If Facebook is more of your thing, you can contact Sean Bond Fitness via his Facebook. Here are my Facebook pages: Aakasha's Blogs and Aakasha's Naturals LLC  Give Us A Follow and some likes!


If adding a few exercises to your routine does not make a significant difference in your weight loss and BMI goal, consider hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer is a professional who is trained to help you reach your physical goals. They are wise in the ways of the gym and can design a program specific to your BMI goals. Although not everyone feels the need to hire a trainer, if you are serious about improving your BMI, a trainer is a great option.


Try Not to Get Overwhelmed or Discouraged

People tend to snack or eat without ever thinking about how that food consumption adds up. Under normal circumstances, your snacking habits may not be an issue. However, if you are trying to lose weight and drop your BMI number, every bite counts. Don't forget to track your macros. This may be time consuming, especially at first, but you will certainly be happy you did. Take advantage of the most useful tools available on Their useful calculators, tips and information have been a godsent for myself, my clients and everyone I recomend them to.

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