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Make Your Own Jerky! The Jerky Series; Bison Jerky Recipe

As we all know, bison was the main source of protein for Native Americans. We should also mention the fact that they have been used to preserve the meat they were hunting using salt and then smoking it, so the bison jerky could be seen as a great manner of combining the modern kitchen with the Native American customs.


If there is one thing man has not lost from his eyes, as centuries and then millennia passed by, that is the food. As a matter of fact, he has been constantly searching for it and everything has changed from the prehistoric ages. Whether we are talking about the manner in which food is acquired, cooked or simply taken in, one thing is clear: man and food have always been connected, as this was the element that his life depended on. Of course, there are so many other external factors a man's life depends on, but food is the one that stays at the base of his needs. 




We talk about the fact that man's existence has always been centered on the food zone, but what kind of food are we talking about? Well, the main course is defenitely for most the meat. That one food that contains all the proteins in the world and that kept us alive for millenia.

Even in the oldest ages, this was the main element that could be found in the people's diet. There might have been some plants too, but hunting was the main activity of the pre-historic people, so the meat was also their main food course.

The same fact applies today, as we all know that meat, whatever its origins are, is filled with proteins, the richest and the most valuable an ailment could provide. Contrary to other beliefs, meat is the only food that could singularily give you the necessary amount of proteins that would get you throughout a active day. More especially if you bodybuild. There is nothing better than having a well-made succulent steak for lunch or even a sandwich with a layer of turkey bacon and perfectly seasond chicken breast, for instance. Every meal generally contains at least one piece of meat in combination with other elements such as fibers, carbs and vitamins.



Man has developed new manners of food preperation, meat included. As a result, you can go into a restaurant and eat raw, uncooked meat or a meat that has been cooked at a medium level and, of course, meat that has been completely cooked. 

There are, however, other ways in which you can eat meat. Therefore, meat could be eaten not only as a main course, but also as a snack. Yes, it sounds weird to even associate meat with a common snack, but a man's mind has reached that stage of evolution. This is the food that carries the name of jerky. Therefore, meat could be  eaten not only as a main course, but also as a snack. Yes, it sounds weird to even associate meat with a common snack, but a man's mind has reached that stage of evolution. This is the food that carries the name of jerky. The term refers to a piece of meat that is lean and from which the fat has been taken off. Also, in order to prevent any spoilage from happening, the meat has been dried off.

Now, the drying process involves the use of salt in high quantities, in order to prevent any bacteria from getting into the food, bacteria that would most likely cause damage to the ones eating it. The word "jerky" itself comes from the Quecha word and it means "a meat that has been dried and salted". 

In order to produce this type of meat, all you need to do is to have enough salt in hand in order to inhibit any growth of bacteria. You will also need to dry the meat at some really low temperatures.


The jerky is heavily seasoned and has a dash of habenero. Also, you can marinate it in a sauce for about 24 hours then use a dehydrator. If you do not have one, then you could also use an oven at some really low temperatures. However, if you are using an oven, then you need to make sure that the meat will not burn and in order to do that, you will have to check it every 30 minutes.

Be aware that the quantity of meat will drop at about half of the initial amount due to the drying process. For the recipe you are about to read you will need 2lbs of jerky, that will in the end, be about 1lb.


* 2tbsp. of honey

* 1 tbsp. of sugar

* 1 tbsp. of liquid smoke 

* 1 tbsp. of black pepper

* 2 tbsp. of garlic

* 1.5 cups of Worchester sauce

* 2lb. of top round, thin sliced meat


* Place all the ingredients in a plastic bag and let them marinate for about 24 hours.

* Take the meat out of the bag and dry it with some towels.

* Place the meat inside the oven or dehydrator ( use the lowest setting in the oven, or the appropiate setting listed on your dehydrator or in the manual)

* Dry the meat for 5 to 6 hours

* Store in a container in which the air passes though.




There will be more recipes to come along with books available for purchase in the future.

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