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A Little History On Waist Beads

Waist beads have become popular recently. Let us talk about a little history of the waist bead. Beads were used in Africa as a form of currency for trading. Many tribes in Africa have been known to have embraced the use of beads in jewelry making especially the Maasai tribe in Kenya and Yoruba in Nigeria. This art later was adopted by other neighboring countries like Ghana. To date, Ghana has arguably upheld the tradition of beaded jewelry making, mostly waist beads which are worn around the lower part of the body. Referred to as 'Jigida' by the Hausa tribe of Ghana, the name has been adopted by other tribes to refer to waist beads. 



Rite of Passage


In Africa tradition, the maturity of girls to women was symbolized in many ways including by wearing waist beads. Traditionally, mothers adorned their daughters during their first menstruation as a rite of passage to womanhood.


Belly Beads Use For Sexual Appeal


Waist beads have also been worn by most African women for intimate appeal and male seduction. Women would lure suitable mates by rattling the beads, provoking intimacy. Wives, in particular, would spice their sexual intimacy by wearing them when making love to their husbands and also at certain times of the month to symbolize ovulation or menstruation.


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Modern Waist Beads Fashion


The modern woman has embraced wearing waist beads made from different materials like beads, metallic chains, crotchet laces, and leather belts. Aakasha's Naturals focuses on maintaining the tradition of African waist beads adornment by providing durable handmade and affordable waist beads for women of all sizes. Be it for intimate purposes, as a fashion statement at the beach or just for tracking weight loss, you can get a variety of designs. Shop for single string, double or triple string waist beads from our online store. Also, check out our blog section to learn more about waist beads and feel free to leave a comment with your views as well as review our beaded jewelry! 



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